Jan McAllister. Sheboygan, WI  

Sometimes a piece evolves because of a whim, a vision, or a passing thought. I may choose to
incorporate various items within a piece, stones, copper wire, embossed copper sheet, or sticks.
Maybe a fused piece of glass I have made in the glass kiln, agates, or decorative solder work.

When I create a design my goal is to achieve a blend of color and uniqueness in my final piece
of art. I appreciate the colors, textures, and patterns of each constituent piece of glass, whether
bold or subtle. There are many challenges in working with stained glass but there are also great

I have always been eager to learn about stained glass, how a piece is put together and how the
glass itself is manufactured. I admire the beauty of the colors in a window, door or panel.

I graduated from ICS after completing the Master Art Course. In 2001 I took my first night
school class in stained glass and was hooked from that day forward. Since then I have taken
various classes like 3-day glass fusing classes and weekend workshops for the following; Crash
Glass, Nature n' Glass, Wall Art, Stained Glass Panels, and Open Workshops. I have made
several special ordered stained glass pieces and also a collection of business card holders for a
chiropractor's office.

I have traveled to many stained glass companies and factories in search of that perfect sheet of
glass, a treasure. Hours will go by and I will be found still pulling glass from shelves, bins and
crates. I'm like a kid turned loose in a candy store! I hand select every piece of glass that goes
into my pieces.